Laitner Wheel Brush & Accessories

Cleaning your ride's wheels should never be associated with muscle pain. If you want painless and efficient cleaning, get a Laitner Wheel Brush. This wheel brush helps you remove dust, filth, and mud from your ride's wheel in just several strokes. With this product at your disposal, you can finally say goodbye to those ugly wheel marks and smudges that have been ruining your ride's look for years.

The Laitner Wheel Brush comes with two loops of soft bristles to ensure that your car's wheels get the best possible cleaning. Aside from that, it is ergonomically designed to fit your hand perfectly without the accompanying muscle soreness and fatigue. Its soft-molded handle is gentle on your hands, allowing you to feel so comfortable using this product, it feels like it's an extension of your upper extremities. Unlike other wheel brushes, the Laitner Wheel Brush does not scratch and scrape your ride's wheels. Without a doubt, this revolutionary product makes a tough chore so easy to do that you'll even look forward to do it! It is also quite durable, guaranteeing years of excellent service.

When it comes to superior-quality cleaning equipment, there's only one name to remember—the Laitner Brush Company. The company has been around for more than a century and a half, and it has remained as the top choice for many automotive restoration experts. Laitner is renowned for manufacturing topnotch brushes, wash mitts, squeegees, and other cleaning tools. It combines superior technology, top-caliber research, and excellent product development, making it one of the best in the business. There's no way you can make a wrong move with the Laitner brand.

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