Laitner Wash Mitt & Accessories

Any self-respecting car owner wants to take good care of their car's looks. And why not? These babies are their owners' pride and joy. Some use whatever rag they find in their garage, but what they don't know is that they risk scratching the paint job when using these common rags. Really, simple cloths aren't designed to clean the glossy surface of cars. But that problem can be easily solved with a Laitner wash mitt, a superb cleaning product from a highly trusted brand. It's easy to use: simply slip your hand in it and start scrubbing—and you'll see that cleaning is much easier and more effective with this product than using old, common rags.

Every Laitner wash mitt traps more dirt and grime than the rest of its competitors. How? It's made from micro-woven microfiber (millions of tiny split polyester and nylon strands), which makes it extra-absorbent. This ensures that no grime or any other dirt residue is left on your car. And the great thing is, it can take care of your automobile's paint without scratching it. Because of this, you can efficiently clean your car in a way that ordinary sponges or cloths can't. The Laitner wash mitt also holds lots of water and soap, which makes it doubly effective during cleaning time. Another plus is its versatility; you can use it for dusting and polishing various parts of your vehicle, without having to buy different tools to do these jobs.

Definitely, if you've always wanted a "show-room" gloss for your car, this wash mitt is the product you should choose. Because when it comes to superior-quality cleaning equipment, there's only one name to remember and that's Laitner. This brand comes from the renowned Laitner Brush Company that has been manufacturing high-quality cleaning products for 150 years. That said, it's clear to see why it's the choice of most experts when it's a matter of cleaning and polishing cars.

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