Laitner Sponge & Accessories

When washing your car, you should use only the best cleaning materials available, such as the Laitner sponge. This sponge will give your ride that glossy finish worthy of being in a show room, which will certainly turn heads on the road. Not only does it clean and polish your car efficiently, it also cuts the cleaning time in half. How?

Every Laitner sponge is made from micro-fiber, a material that has millions of very tiny polyester and nylon strands. It's unbelievably soft, which lets you clean hard-to-reach areas and fragile parts of your automobile without damaging it—something that you can't do using other sponges. But the best part in using a Laitner sponge is that it's second to none when it comes to removing dirt, smudges, blots, and marks off your ride's surface. Meaning, when you use it, no dirt residue is left on your car. Unlike other sponges, it's easy to hold, so it won't slip off your hands as you clean your car. Plus, it guarantees that the surface of your automobile won't get microscopic scratches that lead to grave damage over time, ruining what could have been a perfect, spotless look.

The Laitner sponge is well-loved by auto enthusiasts because it makes the tedious task of car washing fast and easy. This product comes from the assembly lines of the Laitner Brush Company, a Michigan-based company with over 150 years of manufacturing expertise, which makes it one of the best producers of top-of-the-line cleaning equipment. Aside from sponges, the company produces upright brooms, scrubs, dusters, wire brushes, dust pans, and many more. The company combines the competence of its well-trained professional and cutting-edge technology to produce only the best for its customers.

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