Laitner Polishing Cloth & Accessories

Give your car a million-dollar look without actually having to spend a million with a Laitner polishing cloth. It's the perfect choice if you want to keep your ride spotless inside and out. This polishing cloth is a reusable cleaning tool that does its job without scratching or damaging your ride's surface, like the paint job and the windows. It offers an advanced cleaning power that other brands don't have, which means that it's exactly what you need to achieve that "Show Room" gloss you've always wanted your car to have.

Every Laitner polishing cloth is made from micro-fiber—a combination of millions of minuscule polyester and nylon strands—that acts as small cleaners on the automobile's surface. This material is micro-woven, which makes this cleaning cloth more absorbent. It makes sure that every bit of dirt, grime, stain, and filth is removed from your car, and that there are no residues. With this product, you can easily remove nasty blots on your car's interior, exterior, wheels, and tires in a jiffy. And don't worry about cleaning it, you can effortlessly remove the dirt off the cloth by simply soaking it in warm water. Without a doubt, this polishing cloth is simply the best choice when it comes to cleaning and polishing your car.

The Laitner polishing cloth is a product of Laitner Brush Company. Laitner traces its roots way back in 1846, when its founder, Alois Laitner, migrated from Germany to the United States. The company, slowly but surely, grew and became the industry's prime manufacturer of superior-quality cleaning equipment. It stays ahead of its competitors by using the latest cutting-edge technology and continuously pursuing product development. Combine that with hardworking, extremely competent professionals, and it's no wonder that Laitner has been such a successful company for so many decades.

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