Laitner Detail Brush & Accessories

When an expensive towel or mitt isn't enough to clean the little gaps and spaces in your ride, then you need a special product for this special job: it's called the Laitner Detail Brush. This product will make it easier for you to clean those hard-to-reach spots without giving you the muscle ache that occurs after cleaning. Aside from that, its tough construction makes it very hard to break, which is why it's the ideal choice for most experts around the world.

The Laitner Detail Brush has special features that make it an excellent cleaning tool. First, it has soft tampico bristles that are meant to remove the most stubborn grime, dirt, and filth. Second, it's equipped with a soft rubber tip capable of removing wax buildup on the seams of your ride's dashboard and trim pieces. Third, it has an ergonomic design that lets you handle it well, without giving you the muscle soreness that using other brushes might give. When you're cleaning your ride's metal accents, air vents, bumper gaps, and even door gaps, this detail brush will give you that smooth look you've always wanted.

A high-quality product like the Laitner Detail Brush comes from the trusted Laitner Brush Company, the hands-down choice of most experts and enthusiasts when it comes to quality cleaning equipment. For over 150 years, it has continued to be among the leaders in the market, and this is because of its dedication to innovative product design. Moreover, Laitner uses the latest technology in order to make sure that each of its cleaning and maintenance products follows the company's high standards for quality.

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