Laitner Car Parts & Accessories

Comfortably sunny, windy Sunday afternoons shouldn't be wasted in front of the TV. So why not take that time to give your car a good cleaning? Sure, the task of car washing can be an arduous one, but not with Laitner cleaning tools and products on your side. Since 1855, the company has been manufacturing top-of-the-line consumer products that are designed to make cleaning your car easier and faster.

Take the Laitner windshield wash brush and windshield squeegee for instance. Just pop those wipers up before working on that area. Then, you can use the wash brush to lather up the windshield, loosening up clumped dirt, bird droppings, dead bugs, or anything else that might have stuck to it. Once done, you can just spill water over the entire windshield and then wipe it over with the squeegee for a squeaky-clean finish. That'll just take 10 minutes of your time. Maybe even less if it's not your first time doing it.

After washing the windshield and body of your car, you can use the Laitner wheel and spoke brush to get the grime off of your wheels. This tool is especially designed to get to the hard-to-reach places on your wheels, leaving them squeaky clean just like the rest of your car. And with an ergonomic grip to match the brush, cleaning your tires will seem like a breeze.

After washing your car, make sure you completely rid it of any soap or grime with copious amounts of water; don't be stingy, as collected soap can harden and damage your paint job if handled incorrectly. So if you want to take the somewhat arduous task of car-washing in your own hands, take some Laitner products with you to make the job easier. The company's products are available right here on Parts Train; you're just a few clicks away from ordering. And don't fret; despite the high-quality of the products we sell, they still come at the lowest prices online. If you don't believe that, just go ahead and browse through our catalog of over a million car parts, accessories, tools, and products. We guarantee that you won't be disappointed with our prices. Why? Because that's just how we do business here on Parts Train.