Laengerer & Reich Car Parts & Accessories

The modern automobile is a lot like the human body. Like we need food, the car needs fuel; like we need blood, the engine needs oil. And much like the human body, your car also requires its own optimum temperature levels in order to function properly. While we have our sweat glands and various other organs for handling heat and cold, the car relies on its own cooling and lubricating system-ideally powered by high-quality parts from Laengerer & Reich.

Since 1993, L&R has been manufacturing radiators, oil coolers, and other cooling technologies for years. To understand how these technologies work, let's first take a look at the process of internal combustion. At the right time in the ignition cycle of an engine, a mixture of air and fuel is sprayed inside an engine cylinder, ignited by the cylinder's corresponding spark plug. This is what creates the driving power your car needs in order to go forwards (or backwards for that matter). Now, remember that a regular engine will sport a standard 4 to 6 cylinder set-up-that's a lot of artificial explosions, and therefore a lot of excess heat. The radiator and oil cooler's job is to keep this heat to a level that the engine can work with.

Specifically, the Laengerer & Reich radiator's job is to re-cool engine coolant that's already absorbed too much heat. See, coolant traverses the entire length of the engine via pathways in the engine block and on the engine cylinders. In doing so, the coolant absorbs excess engine heat until it can't anymore-at which point it's sent to the radiator to be re-cooled. Once done, the coolant can be sent back to the engine to fulfill its purpose again and again until the chemical is too broken down to be of any use. The oil cooler pretty much functions like a small radiator, but instead of coolant, handles engine oil-helping further in maintaining optimum engine operating temperature.

With top-notch cooling technology from Laengerer & Reich, you'll have less to worry about when it comes to maintaining your car's cooling and lubricating system. Because you know you're fitted with the best possible parts. And while high-quality, we sell these products at the lowest possible prices; just check out our catalog of over a million parts and accessories here at Parts Train and we guarantee: you won't be disappointed.