LRV Car Parts & Accessories

Admit it! Heavy cargo equipment can scratch and dent your truck bed. And if you are extremely an enemy of these scratches, you would be surely annoyed if you have them right in your own vehicle. They deliver unpleasant bed appearance, making your vehicle ugly. Thanks to LRV, bed mats do thrive in the market today. These mats are used to prevent dents and scratches from developing. They do resist in abrasion that can potentially damage the truck bed.

The material used in the truck bed mat manufacture is a cord-enhanced rubber piece that is resistant to rust – the durable Nyacord. The bed mat features smooth raised ribs for easier loading and unloading of cargo. It also has this custom-molded fit that can be applied to most all truck models and the knobby underside that provides drainage and aeration, thus keeping the truck bed dry and free from rust.

There are also bed mats from LRV which allow easy use and storage. They contain a skid guard that protects bed from possible damages caused by shifting of cargos. The bed liners are crafted in such a way that they can fit most trucks and rubber and can withstand harsh elements like the sun rays or rain. Durable enough, they can also prevent tear and abrasion themselves.

The tailgate cover is another LRV outstanding product. Each tail gate cover is made from a superior quality rubber that is capable of preventing abrasion. In addition, its skid grid feature minimizes load shifts and provides cushion to the cargo. The use of virgin natural rubber likewise provides extra strength and flexibility. So make your vehicle always good looking and protected from damaging elements. Simply make use of LRV products.