LPR Car Parts & Accessories

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside your vehicle? When you look at it from the outside, it certainly doesn't look like much, as we're already used to seeing different kinds of cars every day on the road. But pop open the hood, take a look at the engine, or maybe even lie on a creeper to see what's going on under your car-and you'll see the different systems that work together in order to provide you with a smooth, consistent ride. Now, a lot of these systems use hydraulic technology-the kind of technology that the automotive company LPR specializes in.

Take the company's brake master cylinder for instance. A master cylinder is a component in your vehicle that converts non-hydraulic pressure into hydraulic pressure. In simpler terms, it means that whatever amount of work you put into pressing your foot on the brake pedal is being converted into a type of work or pressure that the hydraulic system can work with. Haven't you ever noticed how responsive modern brakes are? That's because once you press on the brake pedal, the braking systems' hydraulics and other connections work simultaneously to apply the brakes on the other end.

But that's not all that LPR can do. It actually manufactures a bevy of products for the main operating systems on your car. It even sells a pulley and belt tensioner for your timing and serpentine belts. See, the torque produced by your engine isn't entirely dedicated to running your rear tires. Via a series of pulleys and belts, a small amount of that torque is rerouted to the peripheral devices on your car: like the water pump, starter motor, etc. All of these are required to provide you with a smooth, comfortable, and safe ride.

So if you're in the market for some high-quality parts for your car's main operating systems, check out our catalog here on Parts Train for some top-notch LPR parts. Despite these products being manufactured with the highest possible standards, we still sell them all at rock-bottom prices. Why? Because treating your customers right is good business; and here at Parts Train, that's what we're all about.