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In order to control the excessive, possibly damaging heat created by the artificial explosions in the engine, your car sports its own cooling system. At the heart of this system is what's called the radiator-a component that L&R specializes in manufacturing. For years, the company has produced top-of-the-line radiators in order to maintain optimum engine operating temperature. How exactly? Well, read on.

A typical L&R radiator looks like a metal sheet with fins sticking out of its surface. The inside of these fins are hollow with passages: for the coolant to pass through. See, the coolant that runs through the passages in the engine block and engine cylinders is there to absorb excessive heat from the engine. Once the sensors see that the coolant is getting too hot, it's off to the radiator for re-cooling. Remember those fins on the radiator? They're there to take the heat from the coolant and radiate it onto the atmosphere: thus the term 'radiator'. That's why the radiator is placed in the front of the vehicle, catching the cooling wind that accompanies forward driving. Once cool enough, the coolant is re-circulated back into the engine to do its job again. This process is repeated until the coolant has been overused, at which point it should be replaced with a fresh coolant solution.

L&R even manufactures the oil cooler: a small radiator that's designed to take heat away from the engine oil itself. This cooler works much like the radiator, except that it's connected to the lubricating system of your engine instead of its cooling system. Some cars come with a stock oil cooler, though usually, it's an aftermarket component. Not only will it help cool and prolong the service life of engine oil, it can also help in dissipating heat from other essential engine parts like the camshaft, pistons, rods, and bearings.

If you're having problems controlling the excessive heat that's coming from the engine, worry not, L&R has made its top-notch cooling technologies available to you right here on Parts Train. Check out our extensive catalog of over a million other parts and accessories for whatever else you may need for your car; once you see how low our prices are, you might not want to shop anywhere else.