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We all know of the dangers of overheating. An overheated engine won't function properly; it might not even run depending on the level of heat it's been exposed to. Unchecked issues with overheating will even cause irreversible engine damage. But heat isn't all that bad for your engine. In fact, diesel engines even use glow plugs to pre-heat for easier start up. Actually, on both diesel and regular gasoline engines, a certain level of heat is crucial to the proper operation of the engine. That's where Kuzeh thermostat technology comes in.

Heat only becomes unbearable for an engine if it reaches a certain point. To find the optimum temperature for your engine to operate in, a cooling system exists around it, countering the smoldering heat created by the artificial explosions in your engine cylinders. Coolant absorbs excess heat from your engine via the coolant passages that run through the engine block and cylinders. Once the coolant gets too hot, the Kuzeh thermostat recognizes this and sends a signal to your car's brain or the ECU (electronic control unit). The ECU responds by opening the passage of coolant from the engine into the radiator, where the coolant will be re-cooled and later on re-used around the engine block. This process is repeated until such time that you need to change your coolant, as it breaks down overtime due to repeated processing and reprocessing.

In this way, your engine is ensured to always run at optimum temperatures-neither too hot nor too cold. Without Kuzeh thermostat technology, the cooling system would have no idea of when to send hot coolant to the radiator, keeping the heat locked in the engine and possibly causing the many problems associated with engine overheating.

So if you're suffering from some overheating problems lately, chances are, you might need a new thermostat. Consider the specialization of Kuzeh with thermostat technology-they've been making these temperature sensors for years. Consequently, the company's products are available right here on Parts Train. And while they are high-quality and unquestionably reliable, these products come at the lowest prices you'll find online. Don't believe us? Go ahead and check out our catalog.