Koyo Cooling Car Parts & Accessories

The internal combustion engine is a complex system of components that work together to create artificial explosions from which the power to drive your car comes from. It's arguably the most important part of your car; without it, the term "automobile" won't even exist. But also, quite understandably, it's also a system that can be a hassle to maintain, needing constant and efficient cooling in order to provide power without tearing itself apart. Enter Koyo Cooling technology.

The company's gone through a lot of changes since its establishment in July of 1956; back then it was called Eijiri Radiator Industries, based in Aichi, Japan. Since then it's improved and expanded operations considerably, producing their first modern-day aluminum radiators in 1993 under the name Koyorad. Following its trail of successful expansion, let's fast-forward to April of 2000 when Koyo Cooling Systems (KCS) was established in Torrance, California-catering to a wider customer base here in America.

What's so important about the company's history? Well, it is through understanding its history can we fully understand the amount of time, research, and planning that's been put into the modern Koyo Cooling radiator. See, the radiator is the heart of your engine's cooling system (as well as your cabin's heating system). As coolant circulates your engine block to absorb engine heat, the level of heat is measured by sensors. Once the coolant has become too hot, it's off to the radiator for re-cooling and eventual re-use around the engine block. Consequently, this same coolant is sometimes redirected towards a mini-radiator, releasing hot air into your car's cabin for comfort during the colder months of the year.

If your own radiator is looking to be damaged beyond repair, consider the superior cooling technology that Koyo Cooling radiators have to offer. By installing one in your car, you're assured that your cooling system will be working at optimum condition. That means your engine will be less prone to overheat, and as we all know, overheating can lead to major, irreversible engine damage. So if you don't want that to happen to your car, just visit us here on Parts Train for the best that Koyo Cooling technology has to offer. And with prices like ours, why even shop for high-quality car parts anywhere else?