Kool Vue Nerf Bars & Accessories

If soldiers need bullets in the warzone, a trucker like you needs a first-rate nerf bar to keep you on top of your game. However, don't just settle for any kind of nerf bar out there. If you want the best side protection for your vehicle, get Kool Vue Nerf Bars. Built to last, these nerf bars are made using cutting-edge technology to provide a high degree of safety—something you won't find in other nerf bars.

Kool Vue Nerf Bars are engineered to protect the sides of your automobile while preventing the wheels from getting entangled during side collisions. Moreover, these nerf bars have non-skid steps that make getting into and out of your vehicle effortless. This non-skid design also prevents slipping or tripping, which may injure you or your passengers. These nerf bars have three-inch tubes that won't bend or break no matter how heavy the load is. Aside from that, you can choose from either stainless steel construction or black powder coating. Both are designed to prevent moisture from damaging the bars.

The great thing about Kool Vue Nerf Bars is that it only takes less than an hour to set them up, and you don't even have to call your professional mechanic to do it! With these nerf bars, you can enhance your vehicle's functionality as well as remove that bland and boring look that it has for years. Lastly, the package comes with an installation manual that has easy-to-follow instructions.

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