Kool Vue Muffler & Accessories

Can you imagine driving to your favorite restaurant or mall only to have this maddening noise coming from the back of your vehicle? That probably means you have a faulty muffler, which is never a good thing. But you don't need to worry because a solution is easily within reach. All you need is a new muffler. Not just any muffler, but a Kool Vue Muffler.

Installed along the exhaust pipe, the Kool Vue Muffler has a resonating chamber that is responsible for absorbing much of the noise. It uses the principle of destructive interference, wherein the sound waves inside the exhaust system are cancelled out.

The Kool Vue Muffler comes in various shapes and in single or double tips, so it can perform efficiently depending on your car's specifications and needs. Regardless of design, this muffler aims to minimize as much noise as possible. It's also reliable and tough because its aluminum construction makes it resistant to corrosion and other harmful road elements. Additionally, the Kool Vue Muffler maximizes your ride's horsepower and torque as it gives an unrestricted exit for the exhaust gas.

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