Kool Vue Brake Pad Set & Accessories

There have been constant innovations to car components to give motorists peace of mind. For instance, there are a lot of premium brake pads available in the market, all loaded with great features that enhance the stopping power of your brakes. If you're looking to upgrade your car's safety features, the Kool Vue Brake Pad Set is a great choice.

A Kool Vue Brake Pad Set won't succumb to the rigors of daily driving because it is made of tough and durable Kevlar fiber-based compound with additional ceramic particles for added protection. This allows the brake pad to withstand the intense heat and pressures it is subjected to each time you brake. The Kool Vue Brake Pad Set is equipped with several center line slots to prevent cracking, which usually happens during intense braking. Aside from that, this product eliminates around half the amount of brake dust. This premium brake pad set contains two brake pads for the left and right sides of your car.

Safety is the bottom line with the Kool Vue Brake Pad Set. Kool Vue knows that fatal accidents on the streets can be prevented by high-quality brake pad sets. The company spends countless hours trying to enhance its brake pads using the best engineering and software technology. Aside from that, the company leans on years of experience in brake pad manufacturing, which is the reason its brake pad products are considered among the best in the business.

High-quality products like this brake pad set from Kool Vue are available here at Parts Train. Simply browse through our comprehensive online catalog to find the one for your car. We will make sure that your purchase is delivered right to your doorway on the dot. Enhance your brakes' stopping power and ensure safety on the road—buy your Kool Vue Brake Pad Set today.