Kool Vue Car Parts & Accessories

Visibility isn't important to driving, it's important to skillful driving. Whether you drive a powerful off-roader or a roaring speedster, it's important to not just see what's in front of you, but to also have a good visual sense of everything around your vehicle. That's why Kool Vue is a familiar brand name-they specialize in one of the most essential yet simplest parts of your car: its mirrors.

Since 1995, Kool Vue has provided the auto industry with high-quality side-view mirrors. This particular part allows you to see what's behind your car from both sides, all without requiring you to turn your head back, allowing you an almost full visual and spatial sense of what currently surrounds your vehicle. This isn't just important on the wide open highway or on busy city streets-wherever you're taking your vehicle, visibility is key.

Kool Vue has also been producing top-of-the-line adjustable rear-view mirrors that allow you to see what's immediately at the back of your vehicle without taking your focus off the road. Why is this important? Well, experts say that it takes an average of 2-3 seconds for a driver to look at the speedometer, digest the information, and then proceed back to focusing on driving. And on the open road, a lot can happen in 2-3 seconds, and that's just from looking at the speedometer. Without rear view mirrors, you'd have to crane your neck back to see what's behind you. Imagine how much longer that'll take and what might happen in those few seconds that you're not focused on the road.

So if you're a car owner whose focus is safety, remember: it isn't all about brakes and proper timing. See, we humans rely mainly on vision to get by; that's why sight is our most developed sense. And that's why it just makes sense that you get as much visual information as you can while driving your car-the kind of visibility that Kool Vue mirrors can provide. If you're in the market for some high-quality mirrors for your vehicle, look no further, you're already on Parts Train. Here, we can provide you with the best parts for the cheapest prices. Don't believe us? Just go ahead and check out our catalog.