Koni Struts & Accessories

Traveling on roads less traveled will give you different views. It may bring awkward experiences if you are not well equipped of suspension system devices like shocks and/or struts. Drivers and owners who have Koni struts on their system have a different experience: they enjoy off roads. Enjoy it, too by acquiring these natural shocks from the Parts Train.

The vehicle's suspension system is charged with lessening or decreasing the impacts affecting your vehicle when it travels in an off road condition. This system is composed of many other devices that work for the improvement of your vehicle's riding comfort. Most of these components are in the form of shocks and springs. The strut is also a vehicle's suspension component that functions like a shock absorber and can work efficiently with different type of front suspension. It performs its function together with the control arm and in some cases, such as the MacPherson strut, works only with the lower control arm.

The Koni struts are available in two variants; the street struts and the race struts. But both are made with the same qualities and the only difference is in its applications. This brand of strut is made of twin tube design and can be adjusted according to your vehicle's ride height. Its bushing material is made of rubber and is colored black. It is sold individually and does not include the boot.

There are only two things to consider in riding a vehicle and that is comfort and safety. Invest on these auto parts through the complete line available at the Parts Train. These are available in wide array so you can have a good choice of which will better the performance and comfort on your vehicle, regardless of the terrain you will make it travel on.