Koni Strut Insert & Accessories

There are different components in your vehicle that make the latter to function effectively. These components are further divided to systems and are categorized depending on the function that they are rendering. That is why every vehicle has a lighting system, steering system, fuel injection system, air conditioning system, and others of the like. These systems are then comprised of individual components like for your suspension; a strut is needed to attain its function on your vehicle. Professionals get their vehicles the Koni strut insert to maximize its performance.

A strut is device that works like a shock absorber and can be used with different kinds of front suspension. The McPherson strut is a common type of front suspension which uses only a lower control arm and is considered more sophisticated than other suspension which uses both the lower and upper control arm. And for better rebounding capability, it comes together with a strut insert that can bring a unique valve characteristics. And one of the best strut insert available in the market is the Koni strut insert.

The Koni strut insert is best to be in your vehicle's suspension system because it will contribute excellent damping attributes. It has a twin tube design and can be adjusted for better performance. This insert comes with a stud upper mount and its piston rod is designed to fit a 5/8 inch bearing or camber plate assembly. This insert can be installed easily. Here at Parts Train, Koni strut insert is sold individually.

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