Koni Car Parts & Accessories

Koni understands how vehicles make adjustment with the road conditions. It is through the company's full comprehension that today's suspension system is automotive engineering at its best. Because Koni is the premier producer of best quality shocks in the world, expect that the Koni suspension system will superiorly work in maintaining the right vehicle height, keeping the correct vehicle alignment, reducing the effect of shock forces, controlling the vehicle's direction of travel, and supporting the vehicle's weight.

Because your vehicle's suspension system is highly crucial, its components need to be tough and dependable. This is the basic requirement of a good handling and control. With faulty suspension system, the vehicle will not be able to prevent bouncy movements when driving on the bumpy and not-so-good roads. You must understand that your car in motion is more than just wheel turning. The suspension system compensates and adjusts for changing drive condition.

The suspension system is composed of several components but the basics include the shock absorber, strut, tire and springs. The efficiency of each component of course affects the performance of the system. Koni ensures that its products are top performers and reliable. The Koni shock absorbers, for example can effectively convert kinetic energy to heat energy by using fluids that stream in the valve system and the limited outlets. In the progress, the process will produce hydraulic resistance to regulate uncontrolled vehicle movements.

The Koni shock absorbers are classified into mono-tube shock absorbers and bi-tube shock absorbers. The latter has piston rods that are pressed in. But both are of course from durable materials for longer life. Overall, Koni suspension components are designed to enhance the steering stability as well as to provide high level of comfort to the passengers. Parts Train is proud to have the Koni suspension products. Browse through our easy-to-use online catalog and you will be surely glad to see them. If top-performing shocks are what you need, trust only Koni.