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With all of the world's problems, one thing's for sure: gas prices aren't likely to climb down soon. That's why it would be pretty wise to take steps in ensuring that you get the most out of every single drop of fuel you buy and put in your gas tank. That's why companies like Kiwi are coming up with new and innovative ways of helping you with fuel economy.

Sometimes, the best way to get better mileage for your car is as easy as practicing skillful driving. But these days, that's just not enough. Enter the idea of smart and not just skillful driving. Smart driving means operating your vehicle like a sensible person. It means defensive driving as opposed to aggressive driving. But how can the products Kiwi sells help you become a smarter driver? Well, read on.

What some of us might not know is that aggressive driving wastes gas. In fact: if you always drive aggressively, chances are, you've already lowered your car's gas mileage by 5 percent-that's just if you're driving around town. On the open highway, it has an even greater impact; here, aggressive driving can lower gas mileage by up to 33 percent. With Kiwi products that can teach you how to drive more sensibly, you'll be saving up on gas in the long run.

Take the Kiwi MPG for instance. It's designed to be installed in seconds as long as your vehicle was made in 1996 or above; it interfaces with your car's OBDII port near the steering shaft. Using data from your car's ECU, the device can determine your MPG or miles per gallon. More than just that, it can also tell you how much fuel you've already used, or even the distance you can still travel until the gas tank's empty. It even comes with its own engine check scan tool for when the check engine light prompts an inquiry under the hood. All these features are aimed at making you the best driver you can be-not just skilled, but smarter, and more efficient. So if you're ready to make that change, just visit us at Parts Train where you can choose from a wide range of Kiwi products to help you keep up with rising fuel costs.