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However fast your brand-new speedster can go, your only real destination is the hospital (or the graveyard) if you don't have a reliable braking system installed. And while this system is a complex mess of parts and connections that work together to perform its job, at its heart is a single component: the durable, high-friction surface Kirsten brake disc. To learn more about the importance of the brake disc, let's take a quick look at how the entire braking system works.

The moment your right foot presses on the brake pedal, the entire braking system simultaneously responds in order to slow you down or put you to a stop. How? Through a series of hydraulic cylinders, viscous hydraulic fluid tubes, and mechanical connections, your act of pressing on the pedal is instantly translated as the crimping motion of the brake calipers on both sides of the Kirsten brake disc.

See, each of your car's four wheels is mounted with their own respective brake disc. Each disc is designed to have a high-friction surface, as are its corresponding brake calipers. The disc freely rolls along with the wheel as you drive, up until you press on the brakes and force the two high-friction surfaces together, forcing the wheels and your car to either slow down or come to a full stop.

And while the Kirsten brake disc is one of the best in today's auto industry, even it is not immune to regular wear and tear. That's why it's best to know the early warning signs of a failing disc before you end up in the hospital. First off, if a warning light for the disc appears on the dashboard, you should inspect them with both eyes and hands to know if they're still thick enough to do the job. But don't worry. If you regularly use your car, you'll feel it if brake performance is starting to deteriorate: a possible cause for brake disc replacement. Should you need new discs to keep your braking system at optimum condition, we sell them right here on Parts Train. Our only guarantee is that we sell high-quality parts at some of the lowest prices you'll find online. Remember: when it comes to your brakes, you have to cover all bases: make sure you install only the highest quality parts you can find or buy.