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We've dirtied the Earth up too much, there's no question about it. It's a wonder that some of us can even breathe with all the pollutants we've allowed to linger in the city air. But we're not here to talk about saving the Earth. Every day, with just the act of breathing, our lungs are playing host to possibly hundreds of different kinds of natural and synthetic chemicals-some of which are fatal if regularly inhaled. So let's start small. We're here to talk about protecting you and your passengers from the deadly city air that we're exposed to everyday. How? Enter the Kinsen cabin air filter.

Not to be confused with your car's internal combustion filter, the cabin air filter's job is much simpler. Specifically, it's a particulate filter made from layers of fabric that are especially designed to catch allergens and pollutants before they make their way into the cabin. How? See, your car's cabin or passenger compartment comes with an outside-air intake; this is where the filter is fitted so it can do its job before the toxic city air can do a number on you and your passengers' lungs.

Back in the 80s, a Kinsen cabin air filter would be considered a luxury-but not today. Since the air is much dirtier now that it was a couple decades ago, these types of filters are now stock-fitted to most cars.

Most auto professionals suggest that you change your filter after about 12,000 to 14,000 miles of use. But that actually depends on how you use your car and where you're located. If you live in a polluted or dusty area, you might need to replace the filter sooner. Likewise, if you usually just drive in an area with relatively cleaner air than most cities, you can opt to change it later. But if yours has already caught its fair share of chemicals, then you mind need a new Kinsen cabin air filter. Thankfully, you're already on Parts Train. Just pick the filter that'll fit your car and you'll just be a few clicks away from having it delivered to your home.