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Where would we be without the wheel? It's arguably the best invention we ever came up with. Since our ancestors figured out how to shape tools from natural materials sometime around 9000 to 2000 BC, they've already begun developing what would be the timeless tool that is the wheel-unaware that it would change human history forever. Wheels then were carved out of stone, wood, or whatever metal they experimented with-a far cry from the modern aluminum alloy wheels from Keystone Wheels fitted on some of today's automobiles.

Anyway, the wheel's first function was basic transportation. Ancient humans couldn't really go as fast as they wanted even if a wheeled wagon was pulled by several horses-mainly because there were no paved or even just partially developed roads then. Add that to the fact that wheel designs were relatively shoddy; imagine how uncomfortable riding an ancient wagon would be. So, while they used the wheel to traverse great distances, it was mostly just for transporting goods (which, at the time, included people-slaves).

Now let's fast forward to the reign of the big empires-particularly: Ancient Rome. They were the ones who developed roads at great distances, creating faster trade routes throughout their territories. But it wasn't all fun and trade. It was during these times that wheel design took on a life of its own. They realized that the wheel and wagon could be weaponized into the chariot, an invention that both Ancient Rome and Egypt took great advantage of-especially Rome who used it not just for war, but also for entertainment. Imagine if either one of those great empires had access to modern Keystone Wheels; that technology would've probably let them reign longer and farther than they actually did.

What sets the modern wheel aside from its ancient counterparts? Simple: besides being made from much better materials than what was available to us before, the modern wheel is backed-up by thousands of years of development. Today's wheels are engineered to be near-perfect in both measure and strength, allowing for its widespread use in our automobiles. But due to regular wear and tear, even the best wheels can degrade and decay, giving you a taste of the turbulence that ancient wagons suffered from. Should you need a Keystone Wheels replacement, just shop at Parts Train. We got the best wheels for the best deals-that's a guarantee.