Keyparts Hoods Hood & Accessories

The Keyparts Hoods hood is a 2-inch cowl induction aftermarket item made from high-grade steel. It comes primed with Electro deposit coating to enhance both its durability and resistance against corrosive agents and UV effects. This coating also makes the product ready for any painting jobs to have it match the color of your vehicle's body. Too, the Keyparts Hoods hood is based on the original specifications of automobiles, so it can be fixed with the use of factory hardware and fasteners.

Fixing the Keyparts Hoods hood in place is easy with the use of simple hand tools. When installing a new hood, it's recommended to use new hinges, pins, and latches as well. Doing so will ensure better functionality and reliability. Besides, an old pin or hinge is the last thing you'd want to worry about while you're on the road. The Keyparts Hoods hood and all the tools you need to mount it are available at Parts Train.