Karlyn Car Parts & Accessories

Components of an ignition or a steering system get exposed to extreme temperatures, all sorts of automotive fluid, friction, and other conditions that can easily end up breaking them. It's really never easy for these auto parts-but being made by a manufacturer like Karlyn makes it a bit easier. The products from this company are topnotch and should provide you with years of service despite the rigors of daily use.

With 40 years of experience, Karlyn certainly knows its way around manufacturing reliable replacement components. The company first made suspension parts for a single automaker, but it has expanded its product line to cater to other car manufacturers over the years. Currently, Karlyn makes wire sets under a variety of brands, top-tier ignition wire sets, and ignition cable sets. There is also a range of Karlyn-branded bushings, repair kits, ball joints, control arms, and other OE-style replacements for various steering, suspension, and ignition parts. These components are made for both domestic and import vehicles.

Karlyn products are carefully manufactured with a healthy mix of machine-aided processes as well as hand-made parts in order to make certain intricacies in workmanship possible. That's the company's edge over its more automated competitors. In addition, each item is made for OE fit, which eliminates a variety of problems when it comes to installation and compatibility. Parts are sold individually and come with the manufacturer's warranty effective until after 12,000 miles or 12 months from date of purchase. That's how you're safeguarded from substandard products, sudden failure, and other potential issues.

Getting reliable replacement parts will do wonders for your ride in the long run, so don't hesitate to invest in some products made by Karlyn. If you search our catalog, you'll see a full range of this company's components, all available at affordable prices. This allows you to enjoy the biggest savings without requiring you to skip on the quality of your purchased item. Other services we offer include live help via our chat interface, friendly customer service personnel, and the occasional discounts and promotions. Here at Parts Train, it's always easy to find all the parts you need, and they can be all yours at bargain prices. That's our promise.