Kaco Car Parts & Accessories

Efficient performance from your ride's various systems require proper sealing at the component level. Good seals ensure that fluids go where they have to go, that the right compression levels are maintained, and that internal structures are protected from external sources. Seals do give out eventually, so you'll have to get reliable replacements-just like those made by Kaco, a company that has been manufacturing top-of-the-line automotive sealing components for years.

The main products produced by Kaco include sealing components that are used in a wide variety of applications, such as in engines, gearboxes, transmission systems, water pumps and other vehicle systems. You can rely on the company's seals and gaskets because each one is produced in world-class and quality-certified facilities and backed by a thorough management system. The process doesn't end there, as each product also has to pass a number of quality checks and tests before they get distributed. Product development is an ongoing saga, and that helps ensure that consumers always get the latest equipment to deal with the latest problems. The entire process also guarantees that the seals will last for a long time, even when constantly subjected to the harsh conditions in your vehicle.

Kaco operates under the Sabo Group, a Brazilian multinational corporation that has been manufacturing a wide range of sealing components for almost 7 decades now. Kaco takes advantage of this wealth of technical expertise and development capabilities to consistently come up with innovative solutions and topnotch products. That's how the company stays true to its tagline, "Precision in Quality and Function."

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