KYB Struts & Accessories

The presence of high performance parts and accessories in your vehicle makes it a good investment. You can be satisfied by how it performs on the road as it is composed of high end engine components that are capable of bringing your vehicle to its optimum performance. Aside from these attributes, you can be also sure of your safety as it has components that contribute in avoiding danger as you ride your vehicle. The struts are one of these and to make sure you have good ones, equip your vehicle with the KYB struts.

The strut is a self contained pivoting suspension that combines the coil spring with a shock absorber. It is common to front wheel drive vehicles. It is a part of the vehicle's body framework that stiffens and gives strength to carry the entire weight of your vehicle. It looks like a bar that connects the lower control arm to the frame of the car. It is also available in different types such as the air strut, Chapman strut, damper strut, and others. As every component in your vehicle is subject to wear off, it is also true with your vehicle's strut. When this happens, you need to replace it with a new one such as the KYB strut.

KYB strut is available in different types as you can choose the best for your vehicle. Such strut relies mainly on velocity-sensitive valving to adopt with the changing road conditions to give you a more comfortable and smooth ride. It has iron pistons and guide rods for strength and hard chrome piston rods for added durability.

Having this strut is easy as all you have to do is visit Parts Train. We guarantee you that our online catalog can serve whatever you need for your vehicle.