KYB Car Parts & Accessories

KYB is known for being a great provider of quality struts to many car manufacturers and dealers selling either both OEM and/or aftermarket parts. The KYB strut assemblies can be used as original equipment, substitutes or upgrades. By using a unique and advanced engineering, KYB products provide superior ride control and reliability. The brand is also a major producer of other suspension parts including shock absorber, steering damper, suspension boots, and suspension mount.

Because struts are equally important as the shock absorbers, having a superior one for your vehicle is a major requirement. Basically, the strut has two purposes – to provide better braking and handling for maximum driving safety and to maximize comfort and convenience in spite of the road irregularities including bumps. Struts are meticulously crafted making them capable of doing the performance of the shock absorbers. Yes, internally, the strut is like a shock absorber. A piston is attached to the end of the piston rod and works against hydraulic fluid to control spring and suspension. The strut is also sensitive to velocity. It is valved so that the amount of resistance can increase or decrease depending on how fast the suspension moves.

Because of the innovative design of the KYB strut, you can expect a big difference in performance compared to your stock strut. KYB products are well-built to perform differently from the rest of struts in the market. While on the process of production and before they are officially released to the market, KYB products are carefully inspected to be effective and functional. Their world-class quality will never fail the users to have excellent ride control and easy feel.

So park your stock strut assemblies that work badly. Get the KYB counterparts and have them installed in your vehicle. With them, you can be sure to have the safest suspension ever. Parts Train is the best place to go should you need replacement parts for your suspension system. It doesn't matter what your vehicle is, KYB is made for all vehicle types.