KS Car Parts & Accessories

The modern automobile, as ingenious as it may be, is still a complicated mess of metallic moving parts. From your engine down to your tires, a bevy of connections exist in order to properly transfer engine torque and power to the wheels that drive your car. On a lot of these connections are KS bearings that facilitate the smooth movement between metal parts, preventing undue wear-and-tear due to excess friction.

For instance, there is the KS camshaft bearing. Specifically, this bearing allows for the smooth axial movement of the camshaft. See, a part called the crankshaft traverses the length of the engine, taking the linear motion created by engine ignition and turning it into the rotational motion necessary for driving your car. Usually, some gears, chains, or a belt connects the crankshaft to the camshaft, transferring torque in the process. The camshaft then rotates at half the speed of the crankshaft, its many bumps or lobes moving to engage the valves in the engine cylinders. All of this has to be done with proper and accurate timing; otherwise, the engine won't run properly and might even be damaged. The camshaft bearing is there to ensure that the camshaft moves smoothly and without any delay, causing no interference to proper engine timing.

Let's get a little deeper into the engine where we'll find the KS wrist pin bushing and rod bearing. See, each engine cylinder is fitted with a piston that's mounted on a connecting rod. Follow this rod down and you'll find that it connects the piston to a rod bearing that allows for the piston to move the crankshaft-how linear piston movement is converted into rotational movement. Take the wrist pin bushing out of the equation and the piston might break during operation; likewise, remove the rod bearing and no transfer of energy will even occur under the hood.

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