KP Car Parts & Accessories

As one of the many marvels of modern engineering, the automobile is not without its complex operating problems. Much like the human body, the modern car is an organized mess of different systems that work together to achieve its function. What's KP technology have to do with all this? Simple: the company specializes in making the various gaskets that ensure the optimum performance of some car components by providing critical sealing applications wherever necessary.

Take the KP radiator drain plug gasket for instance. See, the radiator is mainly responsible for re-cooling the overheated coolant that absorbs heat in and around the engine block. These are the inner workings of your engine's entire cooling system; from the engine to the radiator and back, it sports a lot of metal and tube connections for the coolant to travel through. Of all these connections, the most prone to leaking is the radiator's drain plug due to its location. And once you start leaking coolant, you're slowly losing the integrity of your cooling system. With a superior and reliable drain plug gasket from KP, you can worry less about this kind of problem.

Now, let's get a little closer to the engine and look at the company's exhaust manifold gasket. The exhaust manifold is where the byproducts of internal-combustion are stored before being sent to the catalytic converter for treatment. How critical is the KP exhaust manifold gasket's sealing application? Well, without it, toxic fumes from ignited fuel could be released into the atmosphere, into your cabin, or under your hood, all without being treated by the catalytic converter-an insurance that the escaped fumes will still be at their most toxic stage.

So if you want only the best seals for every car component that requires a virtually hermetic sealing application, look no further than KP gaskets-available right here on Parts Train for the lowest prices you'll find online. While you're here, check out our catalog of extensive parts, accessories, and components for anything else you might need to keep that car of yours leak-free and running at optimum condition. Go ahead and take your sweet time viewing our catalog. Where else are you going to see top-notch parts for rock-bottom prices like ours?