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The invention of reusable cotton gauze filter technology was a great success in the aftermarket industry. Behind this phenomenal accomplishment is the superior aftermarket brand – the K&N. Knowing that air-filtering has something to do with improving the gas mileage, the company was then quite positive of the product's appeal to practicality. And without a doubt, the product was globally used and became famous for its reusability. In fact, the name K&N stands out among its competitors.

Looking back to its humble history, the K&N started over 30 years ago, and the family-controlled corporation, up to now, has successfully continued with that high spirit and stable mindset towards marketing and direct connection with motor sports that carries through all the levels of management and manufacture. At present, the company brand does exist as a major brand leader for performance filters and maintains a stocking catalog of more than 3,500 part numbers including the extensive line of factory replacement drop-in-filters, the fuel injection performance kit applications and the innovative line of performance gold oil filters.

Air filter is critically a requirement of every vehicle which when well-maintained can help secure the maximum power of the engine. K&N filter can be the best replacement air filter to your stock air filter. This is a good way to prevent destruction and shield the hard-working engine from harmful particles like dirt and dust. These kinds of debris can severely damage your engine making it perform poorly overtime. Do not worry though for K&N air filter is always on the rescue. This one guarantees to allow a substantial amount of airflow through while at the same time providing your engine with maximum protection.

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