Jurid Car Parts & Accessories

Having quality braking components is critical to your safety. You wouldn't want to take the road with worn-out brake pads or busted brake calipers, now, would you? Hence, it's important to get top-quality replacements that will restore your braking system back to optimum performance levels. That's where Jurid products come in.

With a dedicated team of process engineers and chemical experts working to develop and improve the company's products, customers are always treated to a reliable range of friction pads and braking system parts. These are OE replacements that are sure to provide the kind of performance that you need. Jurid has been at it for many years already, so the company's experience also contributes greatly to the manufacture of innovative products. Plus, the company is now backed by Honeywell International, a global brand that manufactures a diverse range of technologies in numerous industries. So, if you're trying to find reliable replacement options for your brake pads, brake shoes, or calipers, you might want to give Jurid products a look.

As part of the company's guarantee of quality and performance, Jurid's facilities are also bearers of ISO and QS quality certifications, along with other stamps of approval from the environmental and safety sectors. That's why most automakers and brake manufacturers trust these products. Even the aviation industry counts on friction materials and pads from Jurid. Add to that the limited warranty coverage from the manufacturer and you've got products you can really trust.

For your total safety on the road, make sure your ride is equipped with the best possible braking equipment. Replacing old and worn-out components with Jurid products is a good start, and you can find some of these options in our online catalog. The advantage of shopping with us is that quality components can be yours at the lowest prices. We guarantee that you won't find deals like ours elsewhere on the Internet, and even if you do, we will offer to match or even beat other stores' prices. This is our way of ensuring that you always get the biggest savings without compromising the reliability of the parts you order.