JBA Headers & Accessories

The combustion process is where your vehicle derives its needed horsepower. It may seem a good process in your vehicle but what is annoying in it is the waste product. This waste product is harmful to your health as it contains pollutants. It will also damage your engine components, especially if 'back pressure' occurs. Backpressure happens when there is resistance on the flow of exhaust gases. The JBA headers are now available to prevent such phenomenon from happening.

To remedy backpressure, one is to have a straight pipe and the other is the use of header. The header is known for different names such as exhaust manifold and others, but all refers to the same thing: the pipe that connects the exhaust port to the exhaust pipe. It is often made of steel or lighter weight aluminum. It is must that your vehicle has this exhaust component as it improves your vehicle's performance and allows the exhaust gases to move freely.

Some kind of this exhaust component have scavenging effects that help pull the exhaust gases out of the cylinder head and will result to improved performance of your vehicle. If you noticed that your vehicle is performing less, then the problem may be the header, and its time to replace it with a new one.

The JBA header is a perfect replacement for your damaged, stock and intermittent header as it is made of stainless steel materials with natural finish. Its tube diameter is 2 ½ inches with stock flange attachment. This header is made of 14-gauge tubes and is sold complete with the needed bolts, gaskets and reducers and usually in pairs. You can find this JBA header here at Parts Train along with the rest of the auto needs of all makes and models.