JBA Car Parts & Accessories

Originally, the JBA or J. Bittle American started with the line of Mustang performance. These days, JBA products are made to fit different vehicle makes and models. JBA's invention of auto parts is made to be simple and easy and this allows every rider to perform a very straightforward installation, which has become the brand's hallmark. It was in the year 1987 when the company begun building headers and exhaust products.

The first ever designed product was the smog legal for the 5.0L Mustang. This leads to the popularity of JBA, which is claimed to be among the best makers of headers and exhaust system. Among the famous JBA product is the JBA Cat4ward header. Today, this hot item is used to upgrade emission-controlled cars, SUVs or trucks. Engineered with heavy duty features and original technology, this Cat4ward header delivers superior performance gains without sacrificing the vehicle's emission equipment.

When perfectly bolted on, this precision-made header enhances the breathing ability of your car's engine as well as the overall engine efficiency. In effect, you will get to experience an increased horsepower and torque with the rpm range. In the same manner, the JBA exhaust system when installed in your vehicle allows high flow exhaust performance. The system is simply tuned and precision built in order to achieve perfect fit and maximum performance. It is made from 304 stainless steel and high quality aluminized steel.

Another worthy JBA functional part is the JBA muffler which features highly-efficient flow design and fully-welded cases for long lasting performance. With JBA's products, you can make your engine system perform at its peak. And when you need to replace your stock engine parts for whatever reason, JBA parts can be the best replacement. You can get the high performance JBA parts from the place where you are right now – Parts Train. To know what we really have in store for you, we encourage you to browse through our easy-to-use online catalog.