Intrax Sway Bar & Accessories

There are four wheels in a vehicle and others may have even more, just like that of trucks. The question would be how these wheels adjust to the movements of each other? This is one of the most fascinating attributes in all vehicles. Such movements of the wheels are made to synchronize by the sway bar. Intrax sway bar is one of the most common branded sway bar in the industry nowadays.

This bar connects the left wheel suspension assembly to the right side. Such bar is either located at the front or rear of your vehicle and functions to keep the rolling of the wheels at the same rate. Problems may arise when this bar is broken or become intermittent. That is why you should find the right replacement for your vehicle's sway bar in case it is damaged.

Intrax sway bar is always included in a kit as all its installation devices are complete. It is made from electrostatically powder coated materials for it to have a lifetime protection. This bar is capable of increasing its rotation rate for better cornering and improved balance. It is also made of better bushings that can be greased for quieter performance. Included in its kit is durable hardware for trouble free performance. It has also adjustable setting which is designed for better handling performance and for fine tuning. The Intrax sway bar can be mounted on your vehicle with no brackets or adapters needed.

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