Intrax Coil Over Shocks & Accessories

Perfect handling of your vehicle can be attributed to different components of its suspension system. Such system works as it lessen the effects of shocks brought by an uneven road condition. Together with its components, the suspension system assures you that you will experience comfortable ride and makes the movement of your vehicle steadier than without it. Intrax coilover shocks are usually employed to assure that you get all these from your automobile.

There are different shocks in the market which are applicable in different conditions. But when you are looking for a good quality one, only one brand can give you such quality and it is Intrax. The aftermarket products of Intrax are known for its excellent and high performing suspension components that most drivers prefer products from this manufacturer. This is best exemplified by the Intrax coil over shocks.

Intrax coil over shocks can be best suited for your vehicle as it has the capability to adjust your ride system. The body of this shock is mainly made of hard anodized aluminum alloy for durability and to be free from corrosion. Its large diameter and nitrogen charged mono tube design gives it the ability to increase shock volume up to 150%. It can also adjust the ride height of a vehicle and can withstand heat and pressure.

Having Injen coil over shocks in your vehicle will give you more riding comfort. Not only that, it will also protect the different parts of your vehicle against damages brought by unwanted shocks. And if you are indeed looking for this device, all you have to do is visit Parts Train. The Parts Train is a leading provider of all makes and models auto needs and this time of big brands just like the Intrax.