Injen Car Parts & Accessories

Injen has played a major role in the development and design of air intake systems for over a decade. It started as a small manufacturing factory that eventually turned into one of the automotive industry's leader of aftermarket performance parts. After absorbing the design capabilities, quality standards and experience in its sister company, RD metal works, Injen sought a set of new standards of performance and quality products while progressing their own engineering capabilities. More than ten years had passed and Injen had made it to stay as the leader in performance technology that produces one of the industry's best air intakes.

Solid sales growth was realized because of such an enthusiastic response for Injen's high quality products. Their continued success was made possible because of the innovative designs, quality workmanship, and high performance standards set in every Injen product. One of the main reasons for Injen's revolutionary intake performance products is their patent technology—Mega RAM Technology or MR Technology. MR Technology optimizes torque and horsepower gains all round, while allowing the intake to be tuned within the factory ratio. But the main reason for developing MR technology is to provide a reliable and safe auto parts that would compensate for the vast change in technology.

Through the years, Injen has developed a vast line up of products that would cater to the growing needs of car enthusiasts like you. Some of these are: exhaust system, cold air intake, oil filter cap, intake manifold cover, spark plug wire cover, fuse box, cover, cold air intake tube, side engine cover, intercooler, and a lot more. Injen products are custom made to specific vehicle model and make to ensure that they are an exact fit to your vehicle's complex specification.

Injen products are supplied widely at various online dealers of auto and truck parts and accessories like Parts Train. Visit our complete line of Injen product listing at our user friendly online catalog. Whatever your vehicle make, be it BMW, Acura, Mitsubishi, Toyota, etc., you can be sure that we have the right kind of Injen product waiting for you!