IPCW Shifter & Accessories

The process called transmission is what makes your vehicle's engine run and gives your vehicle the ability to run at different speed even if the engine is turning at constant rate per minute. Within your vehicle are different types of transmission as you can have manual or automatic transmission for your vehicle. To do this, you have to shift gears. IPCW shifter is one of the most common in the industry.

In shifting gears, some devices are needed to be in your vehicle such as the shifter which is mounted on your vehicle's floor console or to the steering column. This device is available in different types depending on what type of transmission you are using. There is also the high-performance automatic shifter that has the capability to provide more positive shifts. With race cars, it is different as they are using gates or ratcheting mechanism to avoid over shifting.

The IPCW shifter can be installed in any kind of vehicles as it is universally fit. Having this device assures your vehicle of an efficient transmission. Its column can add appeal to your vehicle's interior as it is made of polished finished. It can be installed in your vehicle in just few minutes with the use of simple hand tools.

If your shifter needs replacement, then it is just right to consider the IPCW shifter as one of your choices. This device is available at Parts Train. All you have to do is visit our online catalog and opt for the right one for your vehicle. But if you find it hard to install this device in your vehicle, you can always ask for our help as our customers sales representatives are always ready to help you.