Hypertech Fuel Pressure Regulator & Accessories

Does your vehicle need extra flow of fuel through its fuel injectors? Well, you don't have to worry for Hypertech fuel pressure regulators are widely available to cater to your vehicle's needs. This Hypertech fuel pressure regulator is a very ideal alternative for expensive ECU modifications for your vehicle's turbo or supercharged fuel injection applications. Whether your vehicle needs a rich mixture of fuel and air to accommodate exhaust and intake modifications, the Hypertech fuel pressure regulator can definitely deliver additional fuel and at the same time save your vehicle's ECU and wiring harness from possible damage.

Also referred to as the fuel management unit, this Hypertech fuel pressure regulator has been precisely designed in order to provide additional fuel to your EFI engines, be it normally aspirated or superchargers. This is being accomplished with the utilization of a manifold vacuum pressure to drive or boost up the fuel pressure as the vacuum goes toward atmospheric. Consequently, fuel pressure regulator like this Hypertech fuel pressure regulator is an efficient means of regulating the fuel pressure requirement of different carburetors. You will know that your fuel pressure regulator turns out bad when you experience any of these two conditions. First is when too much pressure is present and the second is when there is a very little pressure. If any of these two conditions occurs it can cause flooding, hesitation, stalling or a condition where your vehicle won't start at all. So, before your vehicle's performance encounter serious trouble, check and maintain your fuel pressure regulator and other auto components regularly.

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