Hypertech Car Parts & Accessories

When speaking of high performance engine tuning for computer-controlled vehicles, only one company stands out—Hypertech, a unique technology-driven company in the aftermarket industry. Hypertech's ability to tune the complex computers that control the modern vehicle's essential function and knowledge made it survive the competitive market of auto parts replacement. To provide additional performance, Hypertech engineers had made a continuous effort in creating high quality Hypertech products that would meet strict customer requirements. Truly, purchasing a Hypertech product is the most versatile performance product you can own.

Hypertech's long line of products includes the fan switch, distributor cap, fuel pressure gauge, fuel pressure regulator, ignition coil, performance chip, performance module power programmer, spacer kit, thermostat, power coils, low temp powerstat, power charger, air charger, fuel pressure gauge, cool fan switch, and lot more. Each product would ensure that your engine will be able to produce maximum torque and horsepower because Hypertech's power tuning products optimize the fuel economy of the ignition spark timing curves and delivery. Their success lies on Hypertech engineers and technician's main objective of absolutely providing the best air/fuel ration and the best spark timing for every point in the rpm curve of your most precious vehicle.

Your engine's true power potential is unleashed—thanks to the keen minds of the people behind Hypertech that have cracked the codes. Experience the legendary cutting edge technology of Hypertech products, and you will surely reach new heights of performance bliss. Custom made Hypertech products are made for different car makes like GMC, Chevy, Pontiac, Toyota, Ford, Mercedes, Oldsmobile, Buick and a lot more.

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