Husky Liner Cargo Liner & Accessories

What is a Husky Cargo Liner you ask made by the Huskyliners accessories company? What good is your SUV if you're afraid to put anything messy in the back? Not much. But do you really want to put those bags of topsoil or a muddy dog on the carpet of you brand new SUV? No--and that's where a Husky cargo liner comes into play. Husky cargo liners provide a durable, waterproof surface in the back of your SUV that allows you to haul messy cargo without fear of damaging your expensive SUV interior. A Husky cargo liner is not just a piece of plastic for the back of your vehicle. Husky cargo liners are engineered to add utility to your sport utility. Every Huskyliner is made of tough polyethylene material, Husky Liners cargo liners feature raised, textured surfaces to hold cargo in place and keep pets from sliding around. Husky Linerss also have a molded-in lip around the outside of the cargo liner space that's contoured to fit perfectly in the back of your SUV and keeps liquids from splashing off the Husky Liners onto your interior. From Subaru Forester cargo liners to Chevrolet Suburban cargo liners, Husky cargo liners are made to fit nearly any SUV and wagon produced. And you'll find the Husky cargo liner for your vehicle right here at discount prices. So keep your SUV clean while you put it to work with a Husky Liners cargo liner today!