Hushmat Car Parts & Accessories

With the mission of enhancing the sound quality experience in automobile applications, the Hushmat brand was created by RMD, LLC—a world-renowned manufacturer of automotive products. It was introduced to North American automobile manufacturers 20 years ago, and has since then rose to become one of the most recommended vibration damping and thermal insulation brands in the automotive market. So if you are a car owner who wants to enhance the pure sound in your mobile audio—then Hushmat is definitely the right choice for you!

The Hushmat brand is a line up of sound absorption as well as damping materials. They have been specially formulated to effectively minimize unwanted vibrations caused by engine noise, mobile electronic systems, road noise, as well as structural noises. The formulation is made up of viscoelastic compounds that are proven to provide excellent damping properties and outstanding adhesion properties in a wider range of temperature. You just have to peel them, and stick it on your car—absolutely no drilling installations required.

Hushmat offers three distinct products that you can choose from: the Hushmat Ultra, Silence high frequency sound absorbing foam, and the quiet tape. The Hushmat Ultra is a constrained-layer and pressure-sensitive damping material that provides excellent adhesion. If you want to eliminate high frequency noises, then the Silencer high frequency sound absorbing foam would be a better choice. Get rid of your sticky duct tapes with a Hushmat quiet tape. It secures your wiring cables to prevent nuisance noises brought about by rattling cables.

Hushmat products can be easily applied to fiberglass, plastic, metal, as well as painted or e-coated steel surfaces. That way, you can be sure that it can be liberally applied to your trunk, floor, doors, and so much more! Plus, you do not need any pre-treatments like solvent cleaners to apply it on your car. It can be cut easily by a utility knife or a pair of scissors. Just peel, stick, and apply—and enjoy a superior adhesion and damping performance for your precious car!