Hotchkis Sway Bar Link Kit & Accessories

Hotchkis understands that every vehicle reacts in different ways to aftermarket automotive products because they are designed like no other. That is why all designs and components are custom built for specific vehicle makes. These series of testing are made to guarantee optimal dependability, performance, and comfortable ride. Since Hotchkis burst into the automotive scene, it has grown for manufacturing the finest quality, racing inspired suspensions for American performance vehicles. The accomplishment of Hotchkis can be wholly credited to its founder, racing and test driver, John Hotchkis and his exceptional team. At present, a recently produced product line offering to sport compact and European sports car owners quality performance suspension products were unveiled. Their full commitment to full client satisfaction has made Hotchkis one of the most in-demand brands of suspension products. If you want more stability for your vehicle, get the Hotchkis Sway Bar Link.

Some vehicles need stabilizers or sway bars to stabilize the chassis against front end roll and sway on turns. The sway bars are crafted to control this centrifugal tendency which pushes for a rising action on the sides toward the insides of the turn. When the vehicle makes a turn and starts to lean over, the sway bar uses the upward force on the outer wheel so as to lift on the inner wheel, and therefore keeping the vehicle more level. The sway bar link assists the sway bars in carrying out the component's function. It keeps the sway bars properly positioned. It is important for the sway bars and the sway bar links to be always in its prefect condition, so if any of them goes bad, replace them immediately.

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