Hotchkis Panhard Rods & Accessories

Every Hotchkis automotive products, including the Hotchkis pan hard rod, undergo a rigorous track and street racing testing so you can be sure that you will be getting products that can really enhance the performance of your vehicle. The company performs comparative testing and evaluation for vehicle manufacturers and auto magazines plus an in-house research, development of every product and testing. So as to cover the ever inflating demands of the track and street drivers, the company has extended its product line of first class auto suspension systems. The Hotchkis product line includes sub-frame connectors, braces, sport sway bar sets, TVS system small blocks, lower trailer arms, bushing details, mount braces and lubrication paths. These products are only a fraction of the entire product line of Hotchkis.

One of the premier quality products is the Hotchkis pan hard rod. The Hotchkis pan hard rod enhances the handling and traction of your f-body by replacing the feeble stock pan hard of your vehicle with the adjustable pan hard rod model. Basically, the pan hard rods positively locate the control lateral and the rear axle's side to side movement. The pan hard rods made by Hotchkis are adjustable pan hard rods that feature bushings that can be greased, tig welded construction and a tough powder coat finish. The product is available in black powder coat. The pan hard rod does a great deal for your vehicle so it should always be in a good working condition. The Hotchkis pan hard rods are widely available in the automotive market.

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