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One of the most indispensable parts of your vehicle is the taillight converter—a vehicle component that is very much important to your towing business. Most trailers operate on a two wire-system, with the turn lights and the brake lights operating on the same wire. You need to have a taillight converter if your vehicle employs separate bulbs for turn lights and brake lights. One brand that is synonymously identified with automotive headlight aiming equipments is the Hoppy brand, which is a long established brand in the automotive industry. Tail light covers are just one of the many products manufactured by Hoppy that is a must have for any towing business.

The car you will be towing with and the type of trailer you will be towing will determine the choice of the right converter. Different vehicles employ different electrical systems. Some vehicles have an electrical system designed to handle the vehicle's power needs only. So it is practically important that you consult your car manual first before making any move.

Do you want to address the issue of your vehicle's taillight converters? Then choose Hoppy. The highly sensitive computerized circuitry on the tow vehicle from the trailer wiring malfunctions is isolated because the Hoppy power taillight converter is designed to draw power directly from the battery. This is because it is made from a double molded construction. Hoppy also manufactures hitch wiring kits and hitch brake control adapters. You are assured that every Hoppy product is quality tested and undergone strict mechanical procedures

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