Holley Pushrod & Accessories

Holley pushrod and other control surface linkages is what the Holley company specializes in. Consequently, aside from these products, Holley has also built a remarkable reputation when it comes to the production of performance fuel pumps, fuel injection, intake manifolds, cylinder heads, engine dress up products for different applications like for street racing performance and marine applications. With the reputation that Holley embarked in the automobile industry, it is not surprising why they continue to be one of the renowned leaders in providing quality auto parts and performance products for 100 years now. And from wide array of products, one of their products that is being patronized by most of the vehicle enthusiasts under the Holley brand is the Holley pushrod.

Holley pushrod is a particular device which is being moved by a cam in order to operate the valves on your vehicle's internal combustion engine. Though considered to be the weakest link on the upper valve train, pushrod successfully transfers and redirects the upward motion of the lifters that goes in one direction into the rocker arms, and moves into another direction. As the load and the engine speed increases, Holley pushrod is thereby subjected to bending forces which is can possible be a ground for its defect.

Choosing the kind of pushrod to be equipped on your vehicle depends heavily on what kind of engine your vehicle has. If you have stock engines, mild steel stock push rods are more advisable. On performance applications on the other hand which has stiffer valve springs and higher valve train loads, stronger and stiffer pushrods are needed so as to withstand on severe punishment. For whatever kind of pushrod you need for your vehicle, Parts Train have got a wide array of Holley push rods to offer you. With Holley's good design and manufacturing, you will surely enjoy the benefit of getting pushrod under this brand. And for a much cheaper but quality Holley pushrod Parts Train is the right online provider for you to purchase from.