Holley Fuel Pressure Regulator & Accessories

For over several decades now, Holley has been one of the undisputed leaders in manufacturing fuel system products in the automobile world. Holley serves as the parent company of many brands that produces fuel system products. The Holley's line of performance products include fuel pump, fuel injection, intake manifolds, cylinder heads, engine dress-up products for different applications like for street performance, race and marine applications, fuel pressure regulator and many others.

As one of the Holley's outstanding products, the Holley fuel pressure regulator is a cylindrical metal object which is typically connected into the fuel rail and mounted directly into the firewall that has vacuum connection into it. The primary purpose if this Holley pressure regulator on your vehicle's fuel system is to keep it to its constant 28 psi. It accomplishes its job with the aid of a spring loaded diaphragm the controls the valve. As the valve is opened by excessive pressure on the fuel lines, the fuel line is uncovered therefore redirects the fuel into the fuel rank. The vacuum connection aids the pressure regulator as it reduces the emission during deceleration. With an exceptionally designed fuel pressure regulator like this Holley fuel pressure regulator, it would surely serve to your vehicle with toughness and great reliability. Exceptionally designed in a sense that Holley fuel pressure regulator is a self adjusting regulator and an emission control device rolled into one. However, no matter how tough its composition is and how precisely it was made, time will come that it will come to its end and needs to be replaced.

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