Hitachi Car Parts & Accessories

"Inspire the Next." That's the tagline for Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas, Inc., manufacturer of a broad range of vehicle parts and systems, and it perfectly encapsulates the dedication of the company to providing high-quality and innovative electronic and electrical components for the automotive market.

With some 20,000 items in its extensive product line, Hitachi has really established itself as a provider of a diverse range of parts, including sensors, alternators, control units, and injectors. Aside from aftermarket and OEM applications, Hitachi also makes high-performance starter systems that are guaranteed to meet even the highest specifications. Precision manufacturing via robotic assembly helps ensure efficient and accurate production of the entire product line. Quality, cost, development, delivery, and speed are the concepts that guide the brand's continued excellence in the automotive industry, transforming it from its humble beginnings in Japan back in 1930 to its global status today.

The brand strives to make its products better all the time under Kaizen, a philosophy of continuous improvement. As part of this improvement, the company has made it a point to get ISO/TS certifications for its facilities and processes, so customers know that they get nothing but the most advanced auto parts. Every product needs to pass high standards of quality and reliability, and then each one goes through rigorous testing to ensure excellent performance. Even the quality management system used by Hitachi undergoes continuous improvement to ensure total quality at all times.

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