Hirschmann Antenna & Accessories

Never heard of a Hirschmann antenna before? Like so many of our favorite auto parts brands, Hirschmann antennas have been around for a long time selling antennas to automakers and repair shops, but Hirschmann antenna hasn't really flaunted their name to the public. In fact, Hirschmann antennas are found on several high-end automobiles, including most BMW and Mercedes models. So if you have an older BMW or Mercedes-Benz, you almost certainly have a Hirschmann antenna on your vehicle. So, now you know what a Hirschmann antenna is. Why do you need one? Well, if your vehicle originally came with a Hirschmann antenna or Hirschmann power antenna, and that Hirschmann antenna is no longer working, you can order a replacement Hirschmann antenna that will fit and function just like the original. Doing some custom work? A Hirschmann antenna is a great choice there too. You can add a power Hirschmann antenna to a vehicle that had a static antenna originally for a neat custom look. Get great reception from a top-quality antenna by installing a Hirschmann antenna on your vehicle. Whether OE or aftermarket, we have a Hirschmann antenna that will work with your vehicle, all at the low prices you expect when shopping with us.