Hilift Jack & Accessories

Whether you're in the middle of nowhere or simply driving home from work, having a jack around is always recommended. While any kind of jack can get the job done, investing in a high-quality one is always better. The Hilift Jack is a dependable tool for your lifting, pushing, pulling, winching, and clamping needs. With this jack, you'll be in command of any tough situation.

The Hilift Jack is made of a two-piece handle and a socket, which are designed using the latest technology and software program. This jack weighs only 30 lbs., but it has an incredible rated capacity pegged at 4660 lbs. and tested capacity of 7000 lbs. In addition, this jack has a set of climbing pins that are made of specially processed steel that won't succumb to corrosion and rust. Additionally, these pins offer as much as 125,000 PSI tensile strength and 100,000 PSI yield. This jack also has a wide base plate that measures 28 square inches. Moreover, it has a strong, upright-cast steel bar that won't falter no matter what the application is. It can also handle 80,000 lbs of force. Lastly, this superior-quality lift has a steel handle that has a PSI yield measured at 55,000 for the extra lift that your vehicle needs.

The Hilift Jack comes with an entire set of adjustable top clamp or clevis for your clamping and winching applications. Furthermore, its safety bolt is intended to shear a maximum of 7,000 lbs. With this product, you can quickly disengage because it mechanically drops the load when it is removed from the unit.

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